Hey guys! It is freezing outside! Well at least here in Atlanta. Although it cold outside, you do not have to stop your slay! The next couple weeks, I will be featuring winter slay options! I’m starting with this Winter Slay | For the Love of Neutrals! For some reason, I tend to wear neutrals more during the fall and winter months. Neutrals, especially black, are so easy to style. Particularly when you’re already cold and feeling sluggish.

The base of this look is definitely the pants. Typically when creating an outfit, I like to start off with a base or statement piece, and then the rest of the look around it. These vintage slacks are so unique. I love the fact that they are basically slacks that are under skirt like panels. Hard to explain, but basically it looks like I’m wearing a skirt but the pants through the slide slits. To break up the black a bit, I went with this gold knit like top. I love the black and white semi-athletic wear detail at the collar.

Because we are slaying for the winter, it only right that we style with a coat. This coat is both warm and fashionable. For the past year or so, draping your coat or jacket over your shoulder has been all the rave lol. I don’t know what about draping your jacket over your shoulders makes you look hella chic and sophisticated. Great thing about the draping trend is that you can rock it all year long, since technically you’re not wearing your jacket lol.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the shoes. I know that we are slaying for the winter, but depending on where you stay, you may not only be wearing boots. Sometimes it could just be windy and cool outside, and you can wear open toe heels comfortably. Honestly, I can wear open toe heels in up to 50 degree weather with ease. But I choose the fab heels to play off the semi glam feel of the top. It also works well with the always edgy glam vibe that I am always going for.

Are you feeling my Winter Slay | For the Love of Neutrals? Comment down below and let me know!

As always…until next time!


Top: H&M (old) | Pants and Coat: Thrifted | Shoes: Windsor

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