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Lately I have been trying to come up with alternative protective styles to reduced tension and give my natural hair a break. Suddenly it hit me….wigs. So I decide to do some research and the possibilities were endless lol. Then I came across this beauty and knew I had to have her. I picked up this wig from elevated styles (link will below) and from the second I styled it knew we would be best friends.

The BESHE Lady Lace -45 is a synthetic wig and I purchased it in the color 4/27. I know I was a little skeptical of the color when I took it out of the package, but quickly after I manipulated, cut and styled the unit I fell in love with it!

I am not well versed in wearing wigs (or personality units as I like to call them lol), but so far my experience has been great! I honestly can say this may be my new go to protective style. Ready to wear look that doesn’t take me hours, tension free application, and not to mention affordable. I’m definitely sold for now lol. Once I become more familiar with wearing and caring for my personality units, I will dedicate a blog post to just that.  In the mean time, check out my initial thoughts as well as how I style and cut this unit to achieve this look below.

How many of you guys love rocking personality units or have been thinking about it? Comment down below and let me know! And as always until next time….