Hey guys! Since we are slaying for the winter, lets see what happens When Velvet Meets Camouflage Print. Both of these things are items I love to wear in the cooler months, especially velvet. Although this outfit may not be the warmest look for Atlanta weather, it is perfect for you guys that live in areas with warmer climate. (And just an FYI I am hella jealous! Especially since it’s snowing as I write this.) But for cities were its typically in the 60’s in the winter, this look would be perfect. Like I told you guys before, layering is key. Especially in the evening when it tends to get cooler in cities that are warm during the day.

You guys know that I love a denim and I love camo print. In addition to that, I love taking really feminine and glam pieces and pair them with  edgy and relaxed pieces. I’m going to call it edgy chic-ness, which is usually my vibe and look I am going for. What inspired this look is obviously the velvet dress. Now this is a clothing item that I have had in my closet for ages. I would say at least 6 or 7 years, and never wore it because it was bto big. But baby now it fit like a glove literally lol!

Nonetheless, this dress is still everything lol! I love the feminine feel that velvet gives off, but still has a bit of edginess. It’s almost like a goth-y vibe lol. Velvet has the ability to make you feel classy and sexy all that same time lol. Since this dress is on more of the risky side, I decided to pair it with an over sized camouflage print jacket. This jacket is everything to me as it was designed by your truly! Yes I designed and added the Stylish Life on my own and love it! This jacket is literally my go to camo print jacket now. Not only because I love camo print, but because it says Stylish Life duh!

To wrap the whole look together, I went ahead and accessorized with a velvet choker necklace, and a nude lace up bootie. The bootie definitely helps to bring out the tan/nude color out from the camouflage jacket.

Hope you enjoyed When Velvet Meets Camouflage Print? Comment down below and let me know!

As always…until next time!


Dress: Thrifted | Jascket: DIY | Booties: Public Desire

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