Hey guys! It has been forever since I have done a try on thrift haul. Thrift hauls are not only one of my favorite videos to shoot, they are also some of my subscribers favorite to watch. Because you cannot always tell what a piece looks like by holding it up, try on thrift hauls are a must! I wanted share with you guys my most recent thrift finds, and they are lit! I will be definitely styling some of these piece here on the blog!

Thrifting is a hobby that I love. At times, when my 6th sense kicks in (my shopping sense lol) I just have to get a good thrift day in. In addition to loving to thrift and find a good deal, my love for vintage clothing also drives this passion. I am obsessed with vintage pieces. Since I am so good at thrifting, I like to think of myself as the “Thrift Queen” lol.

 I love wearing and styling vintage piece that remind me of my childhood. As a kid I, can remember so many great looks from Whitney Houston, Selena, and Aaliyah that I loved but couldn’t wear since I was to you. Styling vintage pieces now that I am older takes me back to those moments. I absolutely love it!

Here is my Try On Thrift Haul Summer 2017 edition. Enjoy!

Having trouble thrifting? I have also linking my video on “How to Thrift and Find Amazing Pieces”. If you love vintage pieces, but do not enjoy the time consuming process it takes to find great pieces check out my online boutique. In addition to trendy pieces and custom tees, we have a Vintage Corner carrying one of a kind unique vintage pieces!

Comment down below and let me know if you enjoy thrifting!

As always…until next time!

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