Hey guys! For as long as I have been featuring Stylish Steals on the blog, I couldn’t wait to share this one! I was able to score the trendy ark bamboo bag for under $25! I have been seeing this bag all over Instagram, and I instantly feel in love it! The character and wooden charm is exactly what I look for in a unique accessory. Since I love a good staple piece, I did some research to find where this awesome bag came from.

Most people said their bag came directly from the original designer, and others from Marshall’s. Unfortunately my Marshall’s hunt was unsuccessful, forcing me to start another search. I was able to score the trendy ark bamboo bag for under $25! Yes! I said under $25! It took a little longer than a quick search, but I was able to get my hands on this bag at a super reasonable price! After scrolling through several pages on Amazon, I was able to find this bag for the lowest price I’ve seen so far. I was nervous placing the order, but I thought for under 25 bucks it was worth the try.

Shipping was estimated for about 2 weeks, but my bag arrived in a week. When I opened the package, I instantly got hype! Because I have had issues with ordering things online before, I did not want to get too happy until I saw it in person. The durability of this bag seems promising. Since I do not plan on wearing this bag everyday, spending over $200 just wasn’t worth it to me! Trust me, I love a good quality piece but for a every now and then statement piece; this will do. Also the vendor has this bag in multiple colors!

Since summer is coming to an end, I definitely plan on pairing  this bag with a couple looks soon. I think the wooden feel is the perfect touch for summer styling, so be on the look out!

How many you guys plan on getting the trendy ark bamboo bag for under $25? Comment below and let me know!

Here’s the link! Thank me later lol

As always…until next time!

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