Hey guys! Its about time I share this other side of me. I am switching roles and changing positions! Since you guys are only familiar with me in front of the lens, I am finally sharing my love from behind the lens. Who would have thought, I would love taking picture of others more than having my own picture taken!

I have always had a passion for taking pictures, but never thought about making it a hobby. Everyone knows I am a sucker for a good photo lol! Once Jojo Stylez the blog came into play, I began taking more beauty shots, flat lays, etc. One day at work my friend says, “Jo, You have a nice camera. I want you to take Josh and I’s save the date invite pictures….please!!!!” And although I did not want to lol, I am so glad that I did. That day it hit me… I actually enjoyed being the person behind the camera! Ever since that moment that feeling has stuck. But I did not really act on it despite my loved ones and friends constantly encouraging me, and the numbers of people asking me to take their photo.

Little by little, I got my feet wet perfecting my craft by taking picture for people here and there. Doing just enough to feed my desire to capture an amazing shot and surprise myself. Something about capturing a moments, whether it a birthday, engagement, or graduation gives me great joy. Memories are so important! Being able to look back at photos and reminisce about that specific moments is priceless, and something about contributing to that brings me great joy. Not only do I get to encourage others to be the best version of them, I get to capture people living in their best moments.

Fast forward to meeting my mentor. During a coaching session for my blog, she asked, “Why don’t you have a photography page on you’re blog? You need to add one tomorrow.” “I am not a photographer” I replied as usual. (Which came with a lecture of course lol) Because of that lecture, I began to reflect on the commitment I made myself a couple months prior. STOP LIMITING YOURSELF! So instead of saying no to opportunities based of my talents, I began to say yes!

Up until recently, I would introduce myself as Jojo, the Occupational Therapist. Yes I am on O.T., but in addition to that I am a personal style and beauty blogger, a online boutique owner, and so many other things that came before my professional career. I made a promise to myself last November to use all the talents that God has given me, and to stop limiting myself. Although I am always constantly battling doubt and fear, that promise has opened so many doors for me! I began my blog as journey to share information, inspire, and encourage others to be the best versions of them. Who would have know that it would help me become the best version of me! In less than a year, I have learned how endless and limitless passion can be and how love for one thing an lead to loving many other things.

Since you guys are on this forever evolving journey with me, I am finally sharing a new extension. Every bit of this journey thus far has been a blessing. So here it is…my photography! Now not only do I get to encourage others to be the best version of them, I get to capture people living in their best moments.I am by no means a professional photographer…yet lol! Who knows what the future holds, either way with faith there are no limits!

All in all, I say all of that to say this: Fear and doubt are the killers of dreams, aspirations, and growth. Hopefully my experience to embrace my talents, increase my faith, and decrease my doubts encourage you to start saying yes too!

As always…until next time!


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