Hey guys! Finally, we are officially in fall! Since I live in Atlanta (the South), it takes a while for the cool weather to kick in. Because of this, summer fall transition pieces are important. I mostly wear jeans in the fall and winter. This year I’m kicking off the summer fall transition in flare jeans. I won’t bring out the fur and boots just yet, but believe me I cannot wait! I have been loving flare jeans for close to 2 years now, and I have a feeling they will be trending in a major way this fall.

Obviously it is still warm here, but the nights are slowly getting cooler. And since it isn’t burning hot, I can now wear jeans comfortable during the day. Flare jeans have a great way of stepping up a casual outfit. Something about a good flare jean looks super classic and vintage to me. (And you guys know I’m always up for a vintage feel lol). Even worn with a plain white t-shirt and heels, a flare jean will definitely add the perfect touch of classic edge.

Because flare pants always remind me of the 70’s, I wanted to bring out that feel by channeling my inner That 70’s Show lol. The kelly green color of the graphic tank and colorful rainbow is very reminiscent of the 70’s. Especially the white trim detail around the should and next. It works well with the semi-high waist flare jeans. The fact that snoopy is on there is just an added touch. To keep it a little dressy, I paired the look with a red and perspex pump.

Is the flare jean a hit or miss in your wardrobe? Comment down below and let me know!

And as always…until next time!

Top: Forever21 | Jeans: H&M (the are about 2 years old) | Shoes: Zara

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