Hey guys! I am back from my birthday vacay, and we are officially in December. Since I usually fast something I really like in the month of December, I am putting a twist on my yearly challenge! Omg I am not shopping for 6 months! Because I am currently all about pushing my limits, a month just wasn’t long enough! Plus, I want to start wearing more of the items I purchase. So instead of constantly shopping and forgetting about what items I have, I will be shopping my own closet!

I know 6 months seems pretty drastic, but believe me when I tell you I have done a lot of shopping these past couple months. From fall fashion, thrifting, and my birthday, I am up to my neck in clothes lol! So trust me when I tell you, I will be fine lol! Plus, I am working on some amazing things for you guys so I won’t have much time to shop!

There are a few ways I plan on shopping my closet. First is inspiration. I have been following a ton of fashion inspiration accounts on Instagram. Everything from OOTD inspiration to street style, there is a bunch of great IG accounts to help inspire. I will be using these platforms as inspiration to create awesome looks with pieces that I already have.

Secondly, I plan on re-organizing my closet. Re-organizing and sorting through all my clothes will help me remember all the items I have in my wardrobe. I know a lot of people can relate, but when you have way too may clothes you forget what you have lol! This will also help me eliminate items that no longer need to be in my closet, and are taking up space.

Last but not least, I plan on getting hella creative! I plan on getting creative and just letting my style lead the way! I am praying that this fast allows me to be the most creative I have ever been. From styling outfit, DIY-ing things, and even recycling items I’ve worn already. I want to challenge myself to wear previously worn items multiple ways and make them look completely different. Can’t wait to see all the great looks I create!

I still can’t believe it, but omg I am not shopping for 6 months! What are you thoughts on my new challenge? Comment down below and let me know!

And as always…until next time!



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