Hey guys! So I felt the need to shut down fashion week just like Rihanna did and introduce Fenty Beauty. So I bring you New York Fashion Week Day 5 | Fenty Beauty! If you have been hiding under a rock, Rihanna launched her new cosmetic line Friday morning. The launch party last Thursday, shut New York Fashion week down as crowds of people stood outside Sephora’s Time Square location ready to purchase. Fenty Beauty took off with a primer, 40 foundation shades, 20 match stix shade, a signature gloss bomb, 6 killawatt highlighters, a blotting powder, blotting paper, 5 brushes, and a sponge. And surprisingly the price point isn’t crazy! Full review and demo is live on my Youtube channel.

Honestly, I have not been this ready for a makeup line ever! I knew that her line would be unique, but because she kept everything a secret, I didn’t know what to expect. Low and behold, Rih did not disappoint. Since, foundation swatching is tricky for my skin tone, I went into Sephora Friday to physically get my perfect match. Luckily, to my surprise the lady who matched me is the person who did new product employee training for the Atlanta area. She was super knowledgeable, and gave me an amazing breakdown on all the products.

First things first, I made it a point to get the foundation. I am a sucker for a good foundation with a flawless and matte finish. Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Foundation is said to feel light as air and doesn’t settle in the fine lines of your face. I can honestly say, this foundation does feel like nothing on. It is lightweight. Since this foundation dries so quick, you have to apply it fast. Because of this, she recommends using the sponge. My match was the color 390. I wear NC 45 in MAC Cosmetics and 330 Toffee in Maybelline Poreless Matte. She did apply my foundation in store with the sponge, and for $16 I couldn’t pass on it.

I am still not sold on the fact that the sponge is the best way to apply the foundation. Although I have not applied it with a makeup brush yet, I think there is still hope. At this point and time I would say the sponge may not be a must have. Next time I wear the foundation, I will apply it with a brush and let you know. If you have the foundation and do not have the sponge, I would recommend doing half your face at a time. So put foundation on one side of you face blend it before it dries, and then do the other side.

In addition to grabbing the Pro Filt’r foundation, I couldn’t wait to try the Match Stixs. The Match Stixs can also double as a foundation stick and dry to a matte finish. The lady also told me that Match Stixs did not need to set because how the formula dries. I got the Match Stix Trio in 300. Now the Match Stixx Trios already come with a hand picked Match Stix to conceal, highlight, and contour. The 300 trio comes with the color caramel, truffles, and rum. Separately each Match Stix cost $25, and since I was already planning on getting a concealer and contour shade I got the trio for $54. So in my mind I got a Match Stixx for free! Plus you know I can’t pass up a deal lol!

One item I did not expect to purchase was the Invisimatte Blotting Powder. Once the lady set my face with this product, I knew I had to have it. Every oily girl can understand the importance of not only setting your makeup, but also blotting throughout the day. It is said to absorb shine and decrease the look of pores for a filter fly look. Well, I didn’t feel like I was walking around with a filter lol, but I did love this product. It is very light, velvet-y, and melts nicely into the skin. Once my shine started to peek through, I did not look cake-y after re-applying. I can’t wait ti see how it works with products outside the Fenty Beauty line.

Fenty Beauty only came out with one lip color, the gloss bomb, a universal rose gold shade. On the website it is said to have an explosive shine, and this is quite accurate! The shine on this gloss is poppin, and it does not feel sticky on the lips. So ladies, your hair will not get stuck in this gloss lol. And I’m sure every women can relate lol.

Now the talk of the town and most anticipated product had to be the Killawatt highlighters, specifically trophy wife. It like was the first thing I put in my basket. Since there were 5 other killawatt shades, I had to check them out as well. I instantly fell in love with the Moscow Mule and Ginger Binge Duo. The website describes them as a copper shimmer and copper sheen. Because of the beautiful copper and red tones, I knew this Killawatt due would double as a blush and eye shadow. Also, Rihanna wore both these killawatts during her launch.

In conclusion, I am here for the Fenty Beauty Collection! Since I am into a flawless fresh face look, this makeup line is perfect. And the price point is amazing! Honestly, I think that is exactly what Rihanna was going for when creating this makeup line. Everything is light weight, easy to wear, and build-able depending on your preference. Definitely a runway ready makeup line. In addition to the Pro Filt’r foundation being my favorite, I am loving the blotting powder, Killawatts, the Match Stixx Trio, and the gloss! Because I have yet to try the foundation with a brush, I am not completely sold on the sponge.

Since there is no makeup line like this on the market, Fenty Beauty is here to stay!

Did any of you guys pick up anything from Fenty Beauty? If so, comment below and let me know!

And as always…until next time!



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