Hey guys! Since we have been in the New Year, we haven’t really had a time to chat. But its official! We are in a New Year| How’s 2018 Treating You So Far? I usually start my New Year on my birthday, but starting January 1st seems to be a lot easier to track. In this New Year, I have so many things I want to tackle and master! I have so many things planned and that I am excited for, I can barely contain myself lol! I just wanted to touch base with you guys since we are fairly in the New Year, and share some positivity and motivation.

For me, this New Year is already off to a good starting. In preparation for the New Year, I heard to a live stream from the Werk-a-holic herself, Koeryelle. She spoke about making this year your Cardi B year, and not leaving anything on the table. She also touched on making clear and specific goals and putting intention and work behind these goals. So literally for the past almost 2 weeks, my life has consisted of not only setting goals, but coming up with a step by step plan to ensure that I crush all of them!

For example, I want to be in my best physical shape this year. So step one is to get back in the habit of working out. I created a weekly workout schedule for myself and have been consistent. I plan on doing that for the 1st quarter of this year. Then in March, I will get a trainer. My goal is by the summer to be able to take a spin class without passing out lol!

in addition to setting clear goals and intentions, she also talked about giving your year a name or theme. I have never done this before, and thought it was pretty clever. My 2018 is themed, “Level Up! Making a Solid Foundation Through Consistency!” I plan on creating a solid and strong foundation in every area of my life, from relationships to business practices. I truly feel like a solid foundation is key, and mastering where you are, especially in the beginning stages, sets the tone for your ability to the handle bigger and better things to come. Creating positive habits in your spiritual life, relationships, and businesses will pay off in the long run!

I say all that to say this, all your goals that you have set this year, make sure you come up with a plan of action! It’s one thing to have goal, and its another to plan out the steps it will take to achieve them. Give yourself a concise, consistent, and specific plan and start crossing things off one at a time. Also, give your year a theme or title. I can’t tell you how any times I have already reminded myself of my theme. It literally will hype you up every time lol! Lastly, put in the work! Faith without work is dead! I plan om working my but off this year and you should to! Work so hard that before you know it you have crossed everything off your list and are on to setting new goals!

I hope you were able yo take something for this post New Year | How’s 2018 Treating You So Far? If you did, comment down below and let me know!

As always…until next time!




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