Hey guys! On Wednesdays we talk makeup, and today we’re discussing lip liners and why you need them. Now this is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Because I am the official lip liner advocate lol, I thought I would share the importance of lip liners and why you need them.

First and foremost, what is a lip liner and what is its purpose? A lip liner is a makeup product that you line your lips with before applying a lip color. The purpose of the lip liner is to provide a boundary or border for the lip color. This helps to prevent the lip color from running. There are many uses for a lip liner, and here are some of the reasons you need just a few in your makeup collection.

Honestly, I use a lip liner ever single time I do my makeup. Hence the reason why I now show you guys how a lippie looks with and without a lip liner. I even line my lips for lip gloss lol. Lining your lips with a lip liner, even if it is the same color as your lipstick, gives your lipstick application a flawless finish. My favorite way to use a lip liner is with the ombre technique. Most of the time, I line my lips with a lip liner darker then my lip color. Blending the two gives me the perfect ombre look.

In addition to creating a boundary for your lip color, lip liners allow you to step outside your everyday lippies. Every now and then our same lipstick combos can get boring, and we want to switch it up. We get to the makeup counter, find a color we like, try it on (without a lip liner), and we absolutely hate it. It is way too light or way too bright, but the color is just so beautiful. Using a neutral or flesh tone lip liner will allow you to wear that lip color with no problem. No more same old same old lipstick; step outside your comfort zone with ease!

Now that you know why I love lip liners, which colors are a must have? If I had to live the rest of my life using only one lip liner, it would be a brown one. My go to lip liner is Chestnut from MAC cosmetics which is a dark chocolate brown. Another popular lip liner from them is cork. Cork is a light flesh tone brown, and I do not own it personally. Brown lip liners can be used to line any lip color you can imagine. Use it to line colors like reds, orange, nudes, pinks, etc. No matter how light or dark the color, a brown lip liner will have your back.

MAC lip liners run anywhere from $18-$22, which is a bit pricey. So affordable alternatives include NYX cosmetics. I own serveral NYX cosmetic lip liners. My favorite lip liners as of lately are from my local beauty supply store. They are from this brand called NK, and cost me only $1. I stumbled across this brand when trying to pick up a medium brown lip liner for a trip since I had no time for a mall run. I was blown away by these lip liners creaminess and longevity. They definitely get more play then my MAC lip liners nowadays.

Next, I would recommended a dark purple or plum color. My favorite lip liner in this color is Nightmoth by MAC cosmetics. It is the perfect dark purple color, and is super rich. I like to use this color when I want to spice up a lip stick combo. I pair it with bright reds, shades of orange, nudes, pinks, and even dark reds. This lip liner always gives me that extra hint of dimension when I’m trying to be extra lol! At the moment, I haven’t found a drug store brand that compares to this liner. But no worries, as soon as I do, I will be sharing!

In conclusion, all you need is just two lip liners in your makeup collection. I obviously own way more than two, but I would be ultimately satisfied if I had just these two colors. I hope this help shed a little light on lip liners and why you need them in your makeup collection.

Who else can’t apply their lip color without a lip liner? Comment below and let me know!

As always…until next time!

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