Hey guys! We are talking layers on layers for the fall. Luckily, since it isn’t cool in Atlanta yet, here’s my pre-fall layers look. Because the weather in the fall is no unpredictable, layering your outfits are key. It wasn’t until I began living in Atlanta at I understood the importance of layering. If you end up being to hot you can remove a layer, and if you are cold you can always add a layer. Usually during the fall and winter I am always wearing jeans. Jeans are usually the base for most of my fall and winter looks.

When I found this dress, I knew it would pair perfectly with jeans. And yes you heard me right; I said dress. For the longest time, I was on the hunt for a fit and flare dress that I could layer over jeans. I think this combo works well together, and is a different way to style a dress in cooler months. I love how I still look feminine and flirty in the dress without freezing my but off lol. Because this look has an edgy yet classy feel, I wore this perspex heel and a fury clutch. Luckily it is not that cool in Atlanta yet, but I can easily add on a jacket at night.

How do you plan on layering this fall? Comment down below and let me know!

And as always…until next time!

Dress & Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Local store that closed (sorry) | Clutch: DIY


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