Hey guys! Happy Shoe Fetish Friday! Although I am still not shopping for clothes, I am still able to purchase shoes. Since you guys voted and its been a while, I am sharing My Latest Sneaker Pickups | Shoe Fetish Friday edition. I know you guys have been missing Shoe Fetish Fridays, and believe me I have been too. So we’re back just like that lol! Shoes have obviously been my go-to since fasting from shopping for clothes lol, but I’m getting better!

Now if you know me or have kept up with the blog, you know that I love sneakers! I may love sneakers more than I love heels! Well, I probably wouldn’t go that far, but I love a good sneaker. Honestly, I love both sneakers and heels equally. I am just a shoe-a-holic lol! But all throughout high school and the beginning of college, all I wore was sneakers. Just like heels, I love sneakers that are unique and/or have retro components or details.

During the cooler months, stepping my sneaker game is a must! Although I wear sneakers year round, I tend to wear sneakers and booties the most during this time of the year. I love layering pieces, throwing on a bomb pair of sneakers, all while being cute and comfy. There are so many ways to pair sneakers with more dressy and couture fashion and still look well put together. One of my favorite was is to wear a graphic tee with a glam skirt or trouser paired with some dope sneakers!

The sneakers I am featuring are all bomb in my opinion, and can be worn for both a relaxed or dressy look. First, is this neon orange Nike Cortez. I love these sneakers and their vintage feel. These are my 1st pair of Nike Cortez surprisingly, and I love them. Next up is none other than the Nike Blazer. Nike Blazers are my favorite style of Nike hands down. I used to own so many pairs in high school, and still love them like I did back in the day! They are very retro as well, and come in the most unique designs. Lastly are these Balenciaga Low Sneakers. I love the navy and gold details of this shoe. They look so classic and chic to me!

Which sneaker was your favorite from My Latest Sneaker Pickups | Shoe Fetish Friday? Comment down below and let me know!

As always…until next time!


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