Hey guys! Although this is long over due, I say better late than never lol! Finally, I am sharing my everyday simple and glam makeup routine! I know, simple and glam in the same sentence? But yes, your everyday makeup can be both simple and glam. This tutorial is super easy and great for beginners!

Now, I use my everyday simple and glam makeup routine 99% of the time when I am wearing makeup. Because let’s be honest, your girl does not wear makeup everyday! At least not anymore since my skin is on the up and up! *inserts praise dance* Any who, the reason this routine is my go-to is because it is not too over the top. Yet still serves face! Plus, when I do wear makeup, I want to look beat and flawless. That’s exactly what you get with my everyday simple and glam makeup routine. I wear this look to shoot days, date nights, ladies nights…you name it!

What I love the most about this routine is that it can pair perfect with any color lippie you choose. Just pair it with any color lippie and I am out the door! If you guys have been keeping up with my beauty posts, you know that lippies and highlighters are my favorite makeup products. Although, I wear eye shadow from time to time, it isn’t a must have for me. Most of the time, I keep my eye shadow pretty simple and neutral, if I’m wearing any at all. Every now and then, I do get inspired to do a makeup looks with eye shadow and test new products out! And believe me when I do, I love them!

I hope you guys find my everyday simple and glam makeup tutorial helpful! Keep in mind that I, by no means, am a profession makeup artist. I am just a girl who loves all things fashion and beauty and just wants to share her techniques!

Comment down below and let me know if found it helpful!

As always…until next time!

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