Hey guys! People constantly as me, “how do you do your brows?” or “what do you use?” Since this is one of my most frequent makeup questions, I am sharing my easy updated eyebrow routine. I obviously really love you guys since I had to record this video twice, so hopefully it helps.

People say that your eyes are the window to the soul, but in makeup your eyebrows are lol. Eyebrows definitely frame your face, and are usually what people notice first when looking at you. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with super full and thick eyebrows, so filling in my eyebrows is major key. Because my eyebrows are very sparse, I do not wax them often. My easy updated eyebrow routine keeps my eyebrows looking nice and allows my natural ones to grow.

Honestly, my routine is not that different from my previous routine. I still use the same tools, but my products are different. I only use 4 things to do my brows, and two of the four are brushes. Since I got my hands of the NYX eyebrow powder pencil at IMATS, I have not been able to put it down. I love how quick and efficient eyebrow pencils are. In the past, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil, but for $18 it ran out too quickly. As you guys are aware, NYX cosmetics is a drug store brand and is a fraction of the price. The pencil does glide on smoothly and has great pigmentation.

The only other product that is different is my concealer. I currently use the NARS creamy radiance concealer to clean up my eyebrows. I can use other concealers, but I love the consistency of this one. Plus it blends very easily, and the shade I use is very similar to my skin tone. I prefer using a more subtle concealer to clean up my brows to avoid the halo effect. Honestly, you can use whatever concealer of your choice, as long as it blends well. LA girl pro is a great drug store option, and usually costs no more than $3! It was my concealer of choice back in the day!

And of course I have a YouTube video so you guys can follow step by step!

If you try routine comment down below and let me know how you like it!

And as always…until next time!


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