Hey guys! Since I haven’t been this happy for a make up collaboration in while, I had to share! When I found out there was going to be a Desi X Katy Dose of Colors collab, I was shook! After following Katy on Instagram and snap, I instantly feel in love with her and Desi’s friendship. It’s like you can’t love one and not the other.

But the moment I actually became a fan was when I met them at Generation Beauty a couple years back. Before, Ipsy OS became the huge community that it is now, I was able to attend their first ever Generation Beauty Event! Crazy right?! I was given a pass for the VIP kick off party as well as the actual Generation Beauty events. At this time, both Desi and Katy were one of the faces of Ipsy, and went to the party as well! They both were so friendly, nice, and exactly like they appear on Youtube. It didn’t matter that some of us in the room were micro influencers. I had no where near a fraction of the followers they did, but they treated me like they knew who I was. To sum it up, the were super down to earth.

At times, when meeting some of these influencers or even celebrities, its not always a pleasant experience. It is very important as a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, or brand ambassador, first impressions are important. Especially when it is in person.

But enough rambling; on to the collection! The Desi X Katy Dose of Colors Collab represents everything these women stand for. Hard working, passionate, nude lovers, and most importantly dog lovers lol. The collections includes an eye shadow quad, 2 highlighters, 2 traditional lipsticks, 2 liquid lipstick, and a lip gloss. I was able to snag everything I wanted from the collection which was The Girls eye shadow quad, both Hot Fire and Savage liquid lipstick, Over the Top Lip gloss, and No Shade lipstick. Of course, after seeing More Creamer Please lipstick all over Instagram, I want it now!

My favorite items from the collection have to be the lippies. I am a lippie girl, and love all lip products. Because I already love Dose of Colors lipsticks, I knew the lippies in this collab would be amazing! The Girls eye shadow palette is not a must have for me. It could also be because I like eye shadow, but I do not wear it often. And since I already have so many highlighters, I did not purchase any from the Desi X Katy Dose of Colors collab. I do see that a lot of people are loving it, but I do not plan on trying them personally.

Overall I am pleased with everything I got from the Desi X Kati Dose of Colors collab. I will definitely be purchasing More Creamer Please lipstick when the collection re-launches in September. Dose of Colors has not given an official release date, but best believe I’ll be checking constantly lol.

Did any of you guys get anything from the Desi X Katy Dose of Colors Collab? Comment below and let me know!

As always…until next time!

Eye shadow on my lids: The Girls eye shadow  | Lippies I;m wearing: Hot Fire and Savage

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