Hey guys! Since Thanksgiving and its left overs are finally over, we can get back to the countdown! Today’s Countdown to Thirty in Monochromatic Blue is my current vibe. Well, technically any monochromatic look is my current vibe. In addition to blue, you can create a monochromatic with any color. Mono looks are super easy to create. Choose any color and run with it! Although black on black is technically a monochromatic look, colors are just more fun! You can also pick a color and wear different shade of that color as well,

First of all, let’s start with these booties! You guys love them, and so do I lol! I told you guys that like the snake skin ones, I would be wearing these to the ground! So when an opportunity to create this monochromatic look came about, I went for it!

Now onto the dress. These satin floral print dress is vintage perfection. In addition to the floral print detail, I am loving the pockets. This dress is super comfortable and really easy to style. I am absolutely in love with the collar and pencil skirt combo. The vintage elements of this dress are exactly why it is a must have. Plus, the fit is perfect since I usually have to get alterations done to my thrifted items.

Since I already had the boots first, I knew that this dress would pair well together and create a bomb monochromatic look. The fabric of the bootie and the satin of the dress are a match made in heaven. I will definitely be creating more monochromatic looks because I am loving this one!

Is the Countdown to Thirty in Monochromatic Blue a go or no? Comment down below and let me know what you think?

As always…until next time!


Dress: Thrifted | Booties: Go Jane (go 1/2 a size up)

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