Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my Birthday Outfit of the Night | Mexico 2017. Since I shared my day look, I had to share my night look lol! Of course, I knew this would be my birthday dinner outfit from the moment it came in the mail! Now that I think of it, I usually wear sequin on my birthday. Well maybe more than just on my birthday, but sequin always makes me feel hella festive lol!

Let’s go ahead and dive into the details of this sequin jumpsuit! First and foremost, a moment of silence, because this piece is crazy dope! I love the feel of modern meets vintage that this jumpsuit gives off. There is no doubt that this is a statement piece! As if being a sequin jumpsuit wasn’t enough, the vertical stripe details had me at hello! I love stripes, but there is something about vertical stripes that draw me in every time. This jump suit also features a hater top and deep v detail, which surprisingly wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Last but not least, shout out the manufacturer for making this jumpsuit long leg girl friendly. You guys know the struggle is real lol.

Although we were late for our reservations, we still got a pretty decent table. The restaurant was really nice, and we sat next to a fountain. It was definitely one of the nicest restaurants at the resort. The food was good, although babe didn’t really like his main course. After dinner, we made our way to the main bar for even more drinks lol. Usually at night, people hang out there since the play music until 12 and stay open until 2. The main bar is outdoor and right in front of the beach, which was the perfect way to end the night!

Is my Birthday Outfit of the Night giving you vintage or modern vibes? Comment down below and let me know.

As always…until next time!


Jumpsuit: Nichole Lynel | Shoes: Public Desire



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