Hey guys! Now you guys know I couldn’t feature a recap and not show guys my birthday looks! Even though I was in Mexico on my chill vibes, slaying on my birthday is a must. So here is my Birthday Outfit of the Day | Mexico 2017, and I am serving nautical vibes! The Mr said I was extra. Great exactly what I’m going for lol!

Since we are in Mexico at a resort, I knew a maxi dress would be perfect to wear on my birthday! This dress and its nautical feel not only met my birthday slay needs, but it also very airy and light! The blue, red and yellow details are everything! As if the colors weren’t already popping, this dress also has denim details along the waist and down the center. You guys already know how I feel about denim. So it only made sense that I wear a little denim on my birthday lol.

Besides the denim details, I am also in love with the ruffles. This dress not only has super cute ruffles on the wrist, it also has ruffles at the bottom of the dress. I love how it adds a little umph and shape to this dress. So happy I was able to snag this beauty from a vendor at Werk Pray Slay Weekend.

Since this dress is definitely a statement, I kept it really simple with my shoes. I am wearing a strappy slide.

As much as I love this dress, that Mexico heat would not let me be great all day lol. So after a few hours I had to change into some shorts for salsa dancing lessons on the beach!

Did you guys like my Birthday Outfit of the Day | Mexico 2017? Comment down below and let me know!

As always…until next time!


Dress: House of Mystique | Shoes: Forever 21

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