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Happy New Year!!! After traveling, being sick and celebrating the holidays your girl is back lol. What other way to bring in the New Year then with a beauty post! Liquid lipsticks have been all the rave last year, and now just about every makeup brand you can think of (from drugstore to high end) have a liquid lipstick line. Even Mac has given into the hype has incorporate them into their line as well.  When liquid lipsticks first came about, prices would range at about $20 each. Then Colourpop came and changed the game with liquid lipsticks (aka Ultra Matte Lip on their site) at an affordable price of only $6! Yes I said $6! Not only do they sell liquid lipsticks but also lip liners, eyeshadows, lippiestixs, and a ton of other great quaility and affordably priced makeup items suitable for any and every skin complexion!

Colourpop and their products have been trending on social media sites as well as YouTube, so I decided to give them a try! I can say I am truly impressed. Although a tab bit drying (so make sure you exfoliate your lips), the pigmentation is to die for. I also want to see how well some of these colors looks on my carmel complexion.

Overall, Colourpop exceeded my expectations! Definitely great quality for an affordable price and I will definitely be getting my hands on a few more liquid lipsticks, lippie sticks and their eyeshadows (when I tell you their colors are gorgeous!).

Here’s a video of me swatching and my initial thoughts on all the shades I purchased!

Hope you enjoyed and until next time…

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