Stylish Steal by Cape Robbin


Gucci Embellished T Strap Sandal


Hey guys! Today’s Stylish Steal has me beyond ready to shoot my summer look book! From the moment I laid eyes on this shoe, I automatically thought of at least 5 ways to style them. These affordable Gucci inspired shoes were featured in my recent shoe haul. Since Gucci has been releasing nothing but hot fire these past few seasons, these beauties definitely deserve to be featured as a Stylish Steal! But before we get into the price, lets talk details.

These gold metallic heels have pearl stud embellishment. Scalloped edges and T straps are also details that add to the character of the shoe. Metallics are definitely in, and pair beautifully with bold colors and neutrals. These affordable Gucci inspired shoes have all the components of a show stopping shoe. Gold and pearl details qualify this shoe to be a staple in my book and wardrobe lol.

A promise is a promise, so let’s discuss the price! You wouldn’t even believe how much I snagged this affordable Gucci inspired gold embellished heels for.  Ten dollars is what these shoes cost me, compared to the Gucci’s retail price of $1200. Yes! I repeat only $10! Since these shoes are beyond affordable, the longevity is not all that great. If you are looking to have these shoes for a long time, the authentic Gucci versions will suit you best and are worth the investment. If you can afford them. As much as I love a good deal, Gucci has to be the most comfortable designer shoes I own. Hence why when I feel like treating myself, I will purchase shoes from this brand instead of more painful Christian Louboutins. If you own a pair, you know what I mean.

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As always…until next time!

Shoes: $9.88 shoes in Deerfield Beach, FL | Brand: Cape Robbin


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