Hey guys my name is Marjorie but known as Jojo to everyone. Welcome to my outlet for all this fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!

Just a little background info on me! I am from sunny South Florida and currently live in Atlanta. (Florida raised me….Atlanta pays me lol). I am of Haitian decent (1st generation) which is responsible for the reason I am so hard working, resilient, determined, and passionate! I attended Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (go rattlers) for both my undergraduate and graduate degree, and currently work full time as an occupational therapist specializing in children’s with special needs. I am also co-owner of Style Me Krazi Online Boutique. I like to tell people that I am a therapist by day, but a lover of fashion always!

My love for fashion started since I was a little girl. (I literally get it from my momma lol) Since I went to private school until high school, I always felt a need to express myself through clothing! I couldn’t wait until the weekend so I could break free from my uniform. Growing up in the church, I would always plan and lay out my Sunday’s best, as church was my catwalk lol. As I got older and my style changed, I felt the need to also challenge my individuality there as well. Although I was in high school and no longer wore uniforms, I didn’t enjoy restrictions of my very traditional Haitian church. (Plus I was a teenager and thought I knew it all).  I decided one day that I was going to wear sneakers to church and I did! I remember my outfit like it was yesterday…a white buttoned down blouse, black modest length a line skirt, and my all black chuck taylors. I got so many stares and whispers that day, which was to be expected, but I had never felt more myself! I wore something that made me happy and comfortable! Since that day, I decided to dress for Jojo!

Although I am obsessed with clothing, I am even more obsessed with shoes!!!! I CANNOT walk away from a bomb pair of shoes…especially sneakers! I know, I am a sneaker junky! I also enjoy thrifting, and nothing makes me happier than finding a one of a kind piece! In addition to those things hot sauce, spending time with my loved ones, warm weather, a good laugh, the color pink, Haitian food, makeup, and bacon all make my world go round!

So with all that being said….welcome to Jojo Stylez where I share my personal style and encourage you to embrace yours!

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